Boiler warranty vs boiler cover – What’s the difference?

Let’s define the main difference between a boiler warranty and a boiler cover plan:

1. Boiler warranty is coverage provided by your boiler’s manufacturer, focusing soley on manufacturing defects. It has a fixed timeframe and expires on a set date.

2. Boiler cover is a separate and often more extensive level of protection that continues coverage after the warranty expires and includes a wider range of repair types.

This article aims to help you figure out which boiler coverage is right for you and your home.

What is boiler warranty?

A boiler warranty serves as a safety net for your gas boiler. It’s an assurance from your boiler’s manufacturer that if anything goes wrong while your boiler is under warranty, they will repair it at no cost.

Here’s the (minor) caveat:

– You must ensure your boiler receives annual servicing by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

– To maintain the warranty, your boiler must have been installed by a Gas Safe registered boiler installer – like Gas Angel šŸ™‚

– Immediate registration of your boiler with the manufacturer after installation is crucial.

– The Benchmark must be completed to show that your boiler has been installed and commissioned accurately.

For residents in Newcastle, Gateshead, or nearby towns and cities, if Gas Angel Heating installs your new boiler, we always handle the registration for you.

This ensures your boiler enjoys warranty coverage from day one.

We also provide an easy boiler service plan to help you remember your annual boiler service.

Registering your boiler with the manufacturer also helps future engineers pinpoint installation details if repairs become necessary.

How long is a boiler warranty?

At Gas Angel, we install boilers with warranties that span from 5 to 12 years, depending on your chosen manufacturer and model. Moreover, some warranties can be extended through your manufacturer at the time of purchase.

Always carefully review your manufacturer’s terms and conditions to understand what is covered and what isn’t.

If you’ve misplaced them, simply search online for “[manufacturer’s name] warranty terms and conditions,” e.g., ‘Baxi warranty terms and conditions.’

Why is a boiler warranty important?

Boiler warranties offer you peace of mind that your purchase is protected and if something goes awry, a skilled Gas Safe engineer will swiftly attend without you incurring additional costs.

Is a boiler guarantee different from a boiler warranty?

A boiler guarantee closely mirrors a boiler warranty, and many companies and engineers use each term interchangeably, assuming they mean the same thing but there is a slight difference.

A guarantee is typically included as standard and comes in a set duration. A warranty can often be extended for an additional fee.

Boiler cover: What’s the deal?

Boiler cover, sometimes referred to as boiler insurance or a boiler care plan, differs slightly from a standard warranty.

A boiler cover plan can provide an additional layer of protection for your boiler and, if necessary, your wider central heating system.

Most people choose this option after their warranty has expired.

While a warranty solely focuses on your boiler, our Gas Angel Boiler Cover extends to cover both the boiler and its controls.

Our boiler cover includes benefits, such as…

– Annual boiler service

– Unlimited call-outs

– Priority repairs (handy during the busy winter season)

– Energy efficiency advice

Tree planting to help offset your home’s CO2 emissions.


āŒ In a nutshell, investing in boiler cover, while your warranty is valid, is NOT necessary.

āœ… However, once your boiler warranty expires, signing up for boiler cover becomes a prudent choice.

Always make sure to read the terms and conditions to ensure you’re receiving the coverage you require.


Whilst your warranty is active, it’s worth pairing it with our basic boiler service plan. This will help you remember to have your boiler serviced annually, ensuring your warranty remains valid.

If you’re a homeowner living in the Northeast, Gas Angel can provide you with a variety of monthly boiler cover plans to help

šŸ“š Read more about Gas Angel Cover now.

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