2020 has been a challenging year for us all, but we are working through hard, to keep local families safe and warm in their homes.

Launch of a new boiler cover plan product

Our founder, David Mooney, originally from North Tyneside and now living in Newcastle, is delighted that our company has weathered the pressures of lockdown and also managed to emerge with new products and services, aimed at helping North East homeowners.

Central heating housesDavid said: “We were ready to push the button on a new boiler cover product before the COVID-19 crisis hit, and it was touch and go as to whether we should press ahead.

“However, we decided to take the plunge and launch our boiler service cover plans and tree-planting initiative during lockdown and it’s really paying off.

Just last week we celebrated our 100th cover plan customer which we’re absolutely delighted about.

“Regardless of what’s going on in the world, people need to be able to heat their homes and their water. It’s an essential service and people see the value in a local company with local expertise and a more personable approach to customer service.

With the average boiler repair costing just shy of £300, customers tell us they prefer to pay just £12 a month for boiler cover, knowing they won’t have to fork out hundreds for unexpected boiler breakdowns.

Newcastle boiler company with an environmental promise

Gas Angel Heating also launched a commitment to plant two trees for every cover plan taken out or renewed, working in partnership with JUST ONE Tree – a project that works with businesses to plant trees around the world in places like Madagascar, Indonesia and Nepal.

David added: “I’m pleased the Government are preparing for a switch to hydrogen boilers, and that a plan to transform our gas pipeline infrastructure to zero-carbon hydrogen has begun. But this impacts 23 million properties, meaning it’s not happening any time soon.

“Rather than wait, we wanted to do something now that would help the environment and support our business and our customers in reducing their carbon footprint.

To protect your home, family – and help the planet too 🌍 …

Take a look at our boiler cover plans from just £12 per month, or email us today.