5 tips to keep cool without air-con that aren’t as obvious as you might think

OK, so we usually advise our customers on the best ways to keep warm…

But the UK heatwave is upon us and instead of basking in it, we’re in meltdown 🔥 So we wanted to try and help.

This isn’t a problem we face often in the North East meaning our homes aren’t equipped to deal with this heat.

We’re all fine and dandy with 30-degree temperatures when we’re lying around the pool with a cool beer close by, the issue isn’t lack of beer or pool, it’s that we don’t have air-con.

But, we don’t REALLY need it most days either.

We only get a week or two of very hot weather each year which makes it difficult to justify the cost of air-con installation.

Plus, after you’ve paid for the air-con unit to be installed you’d need to prepare yourself for an even bigger energy bill (they use the same amount of energy in one hour that a fridge uses in a day).

So, after researching ways to keep cool that actually work we came across the following advice from Which? and Age UK…

No. 1 – Use an electric fan BUT use it well 💨

A cheaper option than air conditioning, is a desk fan or a tower/pedestal fan, though it’s good to remember that a fan won’t cool the air; it will just move it around.

You feel cooler because the breeze helps to evaporate moisture off your skin.

Don’t bother leaving a fan on in a room with nobody in it, you’re wasting energy and your bills are high enough.

When setting your fan up, position it at the same height or lower than you, such as on the floor or a low table, with the unit pointing up. That will blow the cooler air up (remember heat rises) rather than pushing warmer air down onto you.

No. 2 – Don’t take a cold shower 🚿

Don’t be tempted to turn the tap to freezing when having a shower.

When your body is subjected to cold, it will try to regulate its core temperature by retaining heat, increasing blood flow to your skin to warm you up, and making you feel even hotter when you get out.

Taking a cold shower might make you feel better for a short time, but your best option is using cool or lukewarm water, and then letting yourself air dry rather than towel-drying yourself.

The action of water evaporating off your skin will create a cooling effect on the surface of your skin.

No. 3 – Close windows, blinds, and curtains 🏠

You might think that an open window will create a breeze, but, unless you live near the sea where wind speeds tend to be higher, you won’t feel as much benefit from it as you expect.

Rule of thumb: Keep the windows shut when the air outside is warmer than inside, and you’ll keep warm air out of the house.

Only open your windows when the air outside is cooler.

Make sure you close curtains and blinds to keep the sunshine out of bedrooms while they’re not in use.

This is why hotel rooms abroad have the windows and curtains shut for guests on arrival

No. 4 – Don’t completely strip off at bedtime 😉

Trying to sleep in a heatwave can be a nightmare, and you may think the easiest way to keep cool at night is to strip off.

In fact, it’s best to wear some clothes for bed when it is very warm.

Ideally, they will be:

– Thin

– Loose

– Cotton-based

This combination acts as a wick for your sweat, increasing the surface area for sweat to evaporate and helping you feel cooler.

No. 5 – Cut down on the cooking 🍉

In a heatwave opt for cooling and hydrating foods, such as cold salads, pre-cooked meats, quiches, sandwiches, and fruit (think melon and citrus fruits).

Choose quick and easy foods that don’t require cooking and save you from having to heat your home up further by turning on the hob or oven.


Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK, says:  ‘Older people can be at risk of dehydration and overheating when it gets hot, especially if they live somewhere that is hard to keep cool.

Drink plenty of fluids and eat normally, but be sure to include cold food, particularly salads and fruit which contain a lot of water and help us stay hydrated.

That’s it. Hopefully, there are 1 or 2 things here that help you when it’s this hot.

Try and enjoy some of the sunshine, and of course, when it goes and you need your home warm again, the Gas Angel Heating team is here to help!

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