Expert heat pump servicing in Newcastle + wider North East

Maintaining your heat pump is a breeze with Gas Angel Heating. While air source heat pumps are generally easy to care for, regular servicing is essential for their efficiency and safety.

Our MCS-registered team is local to you and made up of expert Heat Pump Service and Repair Engineers.

We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne and look after heat pumps all across the North East of England.

Why get your heat pump serviced?

Servicing your heat pump is key to extending its lifespan. A well-maintained heat pump can operate efficiently for up to 25 years, and with proper care, even longer.

During a service, our engineer checks the efficiency and performance of your heat pump to ensure it’s working well and keeping your home comfortable.

Adjusting the weather compensation curve during servicing can enhance both comfort and efficiency. Plus, regular servicing keeps your warranty valid.

How often should you service your heat pump?

We recommend annual servicing, preferably in the warmer months.

A yearly service gives you peace of mind that your heat pump is performing at its best when winter rolls in.

The outdoor unit, housing sensitive electrical components, should be protected from harsh weather conditions, another reason why spring and summer are the ideal time for a heat pump service.

What’s included in a heat pump service?

Our servicing covers all models of air source heat pumps and includes:

  • Thorough visual inspections
  • Temperature checks
  • System checks (both visual and diagnostic)
  • Necessary adjustments to controls
  • Leak testing
  • Electrical circuit testing
  • Cleaning of filters
  • Removal of debris from fans and internal components
  • A comprehensive examination of safety devices and expansion vessels in your unvented tank

Protecting your heat pump from harsh weather

Air source heat pumps are designed to work efficiently in cold temperatures and are suitable for various homes.

Since they’re installed externally, they’re more exposed to harsh weather conditions, making regular servicing even more critical.

Our engineers ensure the evaporator is clear of debris for maximum airflow and check the fan blades for obstructions.

Regular heat pump servicing helps maximise its performance, increases its longevity, and keeps your home efficiently heated and supplied with hot water, even during the coldest days.

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Should I upgrade from a boiler to a heat pump?

If you’re looking to boost your home’s energy efficiency and lower your energy bills, switching to a heat pump is a fantastic choice.

Heat pumps are suitable for most homes now, and with the government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme, you can receive a £7,500 grant to help towards the cost.

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Air Source Heat Pump Service

Heat pump service – £180

Get in touch to book your heat pump service. Or, call us on 0191 289 3464.

Not quite ready to switch from a boiler to a heat pump yet?

Take a look at our affordable boiler service and repair plans. We help you ofset boiler carbon and avoid unexpected breakdown bills.

Plan A

Annual boiler service plan

£6.00 / month

Plan B

Boiler Breakdown Cover

£18.00 / month

Plan C

Central Heating Cover

£24.00 / month

Or just £15.00 if boiler has +2 years warranty remaining

Servicing North East heating systems since 2007

From heat pump and boiler servicing, repairs and installs. We have proudly kept North East homes safe and warm for over 16 years.

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Heat pump service | £180

Have your air source heat pump serviced by and MCS certified heat pump engineer. Call today on 0191 289 3464

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New heat pump

Replace your old boiler with a new heat pump and get most of it paid for by the £7,500 Government BUS grant.

Heat pump installation newcastle

Heat pump repair | £100

Heat pump playing up? Call for an MCS certified heat pump engineer on 0191 289 3464 and book a speedy repair.

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Radiator install

If your looking to replace an existing radiator or add a new radiator, we’d love to help – call today on 0191 289 3464.

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