Central heating services

Diagram of a home gas central heating system

Radiators & power flushing

Radiator installation by a Which? Trusted Trader

The right radiators installed well will keep your home cosy for years to come. Our Which? approved gas central heating engineers visit your home, chat through your radiator requirements, measure and take photos. We then recommend radiators to suit your room size, budget and style.

Central heating power flush

A power flush can clean out pipework and get things working efficiently again. A power flush machine circulates a chemical cleaning solution through your radiators and central heating pipework, clearing out sludge, rust or other debris that might be preventing it from working as well as it could be. If you have boiler cover your provider may require a power flush if sludge is found in your central heating system.

Heating system problems

If you’re experiencing problems like uneven heating of radiators, noisy heating systems or constant boiler breakdowns, a power flush could help clear out your system and keep your heating running better for longer.

Expert central heating engineers

Our expert central heating engineers can advise on whether you’d benefit from power flushing and/or new radiators. We manage the entire process, so you enjoy better heating performance with no fuss.

Powerflush £650. New radiators from £150.

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Improving your central heating

If your boiler is fairly new or in good working order but your heating or hot water still isn't running as you'd like, there are improvements we can help with.

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Powerflush £650

A Powerflush helps increase the life of your boiler an avoids boiler breakdowns by blasting out sludge and debris build-up in your radiators, pipework and boiler.

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New boiler from £1660 (inc installation)

We can supply and fit a brand new boiler that will save energy and money, run reliably and keep your home warm and cosy, with easy interest-free payment options available.


New radiators from £150 (inc installation)

As well as delivering maximum heat output, new radiators can transform the look of a room. With a range of colours and styles to choose from we install radiators perfect for you.

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SMART thermostat from £270 (inc installation)

SMART thermostats make life easier by letting you control your heating and hot water on your SMART phone. You’ll never waste heat again saving you energy and money.

Central heating explained

Your gas central heating system heats water using a gas boiler and then pumps hot water to your radiators and taps through a network of pipes. It’s the most popular way to heat our homes in the UK, and there’s a few key parts to keep an eye on to keep things running smoothly all year round.

1 ) Boiler – Needs servicing yearly and faults fixed quickly to avoid bigger problems down the line

2 ) Radiators – Replacing inefficient radiators spruce up your room and give you more heat. If your radiators aren’t that old but are slow to warm up, noisy or have cold spots then a powerflush may help

3 ) Pipework – A blockage may be caused by sludge going hard over time or an airlock. A powerflush or drain down may be needed

4 ) Thermostat – To save energy and make life easier, think about having a SMART thermostat installed. We love the Hive and Google Nest

5 ) Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s) – If you’re getting new radiators or replacing your boiler, it’s worth having TRV’s fitted which are a easy and affordable to control the temperature of a room without affecting the rest of the house


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