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Boiler servicing

Gas Angel’s easy fixed price boiler servicing helps you avoid breakdowns and keep your hot water and heating running efficiently.

Why is a Boiler Service Important?

Here are just a few reasons why you should get your boiler serviced each year:


A boiler service gives the engineer the opportunity to identify safety issues such as a carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide is an odourless and colourless gas which can quickly cause brain damage and, in some cases, death. If you’re concerned that your boiler may not be working correctly, for example the flame is orange rather than blue, you should get in touch with a Gas Safe engineer even if your annual service is not yet due.

Keep Heating Bills Low

As a boiler ages it can become less efficient which means it needs to use more fuel to heat your home which will cost you more money. An annual service will ensure all the components are in the best possible condition and deliver a higher level of efficiency for longer.

Prevent Breakdowns

It could be easy to put off getting your boiler serviced in the hope of saving yourself a bit of money, but in the long run, a boiler service will help keep your energy bills down and also spot a potential fault before it happens, saving you from a boiler breakdown and a hefty repair bill.


A new boiler installation will usually include a manufacturer’s warranty of between 1 – 12 years which means any faults that develop in that time will be repaired free of charge. However, this warranty is only valid as long as you get the boiler serviced by a Gas Safe engineer every year.

Keep your boiler working like new

Regular boiler and fire servicing keeps you safe, lowers the risk of a breakdown, reduces energy and saves paying for avoidable repairs. Your boiler’s manufacturer warranty will also only be valid if you have your boiler serviced every year by a Gas Safe engineer.

Fixed price gas boiler servicing

A boiler service with Gas Angel is easy to arrange and costs only £70. Our friendly, expert Gas Safe engineers will carry out a full service, making sure your boiler stays in tip top condition and keeping your home warm and hot water running throughout the year.

Friendly, expert gas service engineers

Gas Angel’s boiler service engineers are fully Gas Safe Registered and CRB checked. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality service, so you can be confident that your boiler service will be carried out quickly and efficiently, with everything left neat and tidy. Contact us today to arrange your next boiler service.

Annual service £70

Or save £10 + never forget a service again on our Gas Angel Cover service plan. Call 0191 289 3464 today.

It's all about the service

Servicing is one of the most important jobs we carry out at Gas Angel. From boiler servicing to fire servicing, or the highly praised service we deliver through our boiler installation or boiler repair work. There are lots of other ways we keep you safe and warm too, all starting and ending with great service…

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Boiler & fire service

Have both boiler and fire serviced for only £108, keeping life running smooth and your home safe and warm. By spotting faults early, a yearly service can prevent problems in the future, saving money and energy too.

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We recommend the best new boilers, central heating systems, smart thermostats, gas fires and cookers for you and your home. As Gas Safe engineers we then supply and safely fit your new appliance.

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We fault find and repair gas boilers, central heating systems, radiators and gas fires. If there’s a fault that can be fixed, you can rest easy knowing we have the skills to solve the problem.

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Landlord Gas Safety | £60

Our annual gas safety check helps keep your tenants safe and you compliant. Our Gas Safe engineers inspect each gas appliance and flue in your property and give you and your tenant a copy of the gas certificate.

What's inside your boiler?

It’s helpful have a basic idea of the parts inside your boiler that will be looked over during a Gas Angel boiler service. Although there’s lots of different boiler types out there, this fan-assisted room sealed boiler diagram will help explain.

1.  Flue elbow: An exit for fumes and an entrance for fresh air

2.  Fan: Produces a draft that blows fumes out of your flue

3.  Heat exchanger: Heats water which heats your radiators

4.  Gas burner: Generates your heat

5.  Flame window: A direct view on to your flame

6.  Boiler case: Your boilers external cover, usually white

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