What should a boiler service include?

If you’ve got a gas boiler, you’ll no doubt have heard that you need an annual boiler service.

What work is done during a boiler service?

Also, how much should a boiler service cost? And, how can you be sure your boiler has been serviced properly?

At Gas Angel we like to make things clear and simple. So here’s our lowdown on exactly what to expect when you book a boiler service.

Gas Angel video explaining what a boiler service should include and cost
Watch video: Boiler service checklist

Do I need a yearly boiler service?

In short, yes.

If we don’t look after our boiler we run the risk of safety issues, a cold winter, a cold shower, and, eventually, a big boiler repair or replacement bill that could be avoided.

If your boiler is still under warranty, you must get an annual boiler service if you want to keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid.

For example, the manufacturers we work with – Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Baxi and more – all insist on annual services by Gas Safe Registered engineers.

It’s equally important to have older boilers serviced as more problems emerge as boilers age.

5 reasons to have an annual boiler service:

1. Safety – a service will ensure that your boiler, as a whole, as well as all of its individual components, are working safely.

2. Efficiency – a service will ensure that your boiler is working efficiently and therefore keeping your energy bills to a minimum.

3. Avoiding breakdowns – a service will help spot problems early meaning you’re less likely to suffer an unexpected breakdown and find yourself without heat or hot water.

4. Greener living – a service not only helps you to save money on your energy bills, it reduces your carbon footprint by ensuring your boiler working efficiently.

5. Warranty requirements – a service will ensure your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid

How to buy a new boiler and not get ripped off

Signs of a faulty or dangerous boiler

There are a number reasons that might suggest you need an emergency boiler service or boiler repair. These include:

• An irregular or yellow flame – if you can see the flame in your boiler and its yellow or flickering or seems a bit inconsistent in how its flaming.

• Smoke marks on your boiler – if you see new smoke marks on or around your boiler.

• The pilot light keeps going out.

• The pressure keeps dropping below one bar.

Never ignore these symptoms – call a Gas Safe registered engineer out straight away.

How much does a boiler service cost?

An important question! There are usually two ways to pay for a boiler service.

Firstly, you can simply pay as you go by booking in a service and paying for it in one instalment.

This is often more expensive, however, it’s better for people who might be moving house, for example who don’t want to commit to an annual plan.

A service like this shouldn’t cost you more than £100 – and potentially a little less if you’re based in the North East.

Our one off service at Gas Angel costs just £75.

Secondly, you could choose a boiler service cover plan which you pay for on a monthly basis.

This almost always results in savings and, with Gas Angel, you can get a monthly boiler service plan for as little as £5.50 per month.

Our annual boiler service plan cost £5.50 per month.

This equates to just £65 over a year, less than a one-off payment and it means you never forget to book your service.

Other benefits included in our boiler service plan…

• 365 day telephone support – for any problems or concerns you have. Where possible, one of our Gas Safe Registered engineers will talk you through the issue over the phone which is free of charge.

• A 10% discount on all other services

• The option to add your gas fire service to the plan

• The option to add boiler repairs (parts & labour) to the plan

• Landlords can also include a landlord gas safety certificate (CP12)

• PLUS – you’ll boost your green credentials because every customer who takes a plan, we plant two trees for each year that you’re with us.

How much does a boiler service cost in Newcastle?

What will be checked and inspected during a boiler service?

It’s important customers understand what’s involved so that they can see if they’re getting good value for money.

The whole point of a service is to keep you safe and to save money in the long run, so you shouldn’t be paying over the odds and you should be getting a good quality service every time.

Boiler service checklist
Here is a list of what will be checked and inspected during your service:

• A visual check of the boiler and flame

• Internal and external checks of the flue

• The operating pressure

• The heat input

• All safety devices

• The water content

• The electrical wiring

• Casing seals

• Removal of the boiler casing to check all parts and performance (including a check of the burner, the main heat exchange, the injector and the spark/sensor probe)

• Checking that the boiler fires safely

• Checking for correct ventilation in terms of the room the boiler is housed in – we’d also check against specific manufacturer guidelines where needed

• Checking that there is adequate clearance between the boiler and any combustible materials

• We also look for any accidental damage and wear and tear

Additionally, when necessary, boiler parts are cleaned. If the boiler is new, there shouldn’t be much build up of dirt and debris, however, older boilers generally need a good clean and a bit of elbow grease as a build up of dirt can cause blockages in the system.

Questions your boiler service engineer might ask you

• Whether there have been any problems or issues with your boiler or your heating more generally.

• Whether there have been any issues with the controls – for example, the timer and thermostat.

Once your boiler service is over

You’ll want to ensure you have proof of your boiler service to safeguard that manufacturer’s warranty and to ensure you’re clear on exactly what has taken place, and if any problems have been detected.

This is where the all important signed paperwork comes in!

After the boiler service has been carried out, we’ll complete a full gas boiler service certificate, keeping one for our files, sending one to you the customer and, where relevant, sending one to the landlord or letting agent as well.

Don’t forget…

Finally, one of the biggest bug bears our customers mention is that they often forget to have their boiler serviced.

Our annual boiler service plan takes that problem away. We’ll automatically remind you by text and email when your service is due, giving you one less thing to have to remember.

Boilers we love

Book your boiler service

🔸 If you’d like to discuss a boiler service plan or book a one off boiler service, give our friendly team a call on 0191 2893464.

Or, click here for more on our 1/2 price boiler service offer with our annual boiler service plan – and those lovely green trees we mention too 🌱🌱



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