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How do your fixed-price boiler quotes work?

It’s simple! Just answer a few quick questions about your home, and we’ll recommend a choice of boiler packages that are the perfect fit. You’ll get a fixed price quote which includes supply and installation, as well as flexible payment options to spread the cost.


I don't want a quote online, can you visit my home?

Of course, we can visit your home and give you a price during the survey, we can carry out your quotation over the telephone by asking you a few questions or we can do it online, whichever you prefer.


What does the fixed-price quote include?

Your fixed-price boiler quote includes supply and installation of your new boiler, including all parts, labour, warranty and aftercare. It’s that simple!


What if something unexpected comes up during the installation, or work overruns?

Your fixed price will still be valid. We have years of experience installing boilers, and are prepared for every eventuality. We’ll never add on any additional fees or expenses – the price in your quote is the price you pay!


Is it really fixed price?

Absolutely! Our quote system lets us get the vital information we need to price accurately with just a few simple questions about your home. We’re confident that our pricing will cover all the parts and labour you’ll need, and in the unlikely event that something unexpected comes up, we’ll cover it.


What if I’d prefer an in-person survey or quote?

We’re more than happy to carry out surveys and quotes in person, too. Just give us a call and we’ll organise a time for an engineer to visit.


Do you cover my area?

Gas Angel operates across the North East of England, covering all NE, SR and DH postcodes.


Who will carry out the work?

All our work is carried out by our own experienced Gas Safe engineers. We’re a small, specialist team, so you can be sure you’ll be dealing with a reliable, trusted expert.


What is the Gas Safe Register?

The Gas Safe Register is the UK’s official gas registration body of gas businesses and engineers, and is there to protect you and your family from unsafe gas work. By law, all gas businesses must be on the Gas Safe Register. Individual gas engineers cannot enter on to the register, but if they work for a registered business they can be issued with a license to carry gas work on behalf of the registered business, providing they hold a valid and current qualification. It is crucial for your safety that anyone who installs or maintains gas appliances in your home is a qualified Gas Safe heating engineer. All Gas Angel engineers are fully compliant and licensed by Gas Safe.


What is your Gas Safe number?

All Gas Angel engineers are fully compliant and licensed by Gas Safe. Gas Angel Heating Services Ltd. has a full company Gas Safe registration under the number 231975.


Do you have a CRB check?

Yes, we are fully CRB checked and can show the disclosure on request.


How do I decide what boiler to choose?

The type of boiler suitable for you will depend on the type of home you live in and the needs of those who live there. We make the process easy by asking a few quick questions and then recommending a couple of options perfect for you and your home. You can answer these questions online here to get an instant recommendation and quote https://www.gasangelheating.co.uk/quote-page/, or you can chat to us by phone or have friendly heating engineer visit you at home.


How can I afford a new boiler?

We appreciate that a new boiler is a big purchase and if your boiler broke unexpectedly having the full amount available at our fingertips isn’t always possible. With this in mind, you can choose to spread the cost of your boiler over 10 months interest free.


How long will a boiler install take?

We complete most boiler installs on the same day, but depending on the level of work required it can take up to three days. We take great pride in the work we do and treat our customer’s homes with care and courtesy. Rest assured your house will be warm, clean and tidy when we leave.


Will my new boiler have a warranty?

All the boilers we supply come with a full warranty of up to 10 years, depending on the model you choose. We’ll also make sure that your boiler is installed in a way that ensures its warranty is valid, and advise you on the servicing needed to keep your warranty up to date.


What should I do if my boiler breaks down?

Call us straight away on 0191 289 3464 and we’ll send an engineer out to repair it for you, or if you’ve decided you’d like to replace your old boiler, give us a call or get a fixed boiler quote online now: https://www.gasangelheating.co.uk/quote-page/


What is a combi boiler?

Combi boiler is short for combination boiler. A combi boiler has two important jobs. The first is to give you instant and constant hot water by heating the cold water as it flows through your boiler, sending hot water to your bath and sink taps. The second is to send hot water around your central heating system, to heat up your radiators. As the hot water heating and central heating parts are combined together inside your boiler, we call this type of boiler a combination boiler or combi boiler.


What are boiler controls?

When you have a new boiler installed you will usually need a few new controls too. Typically we supply things like room thermostats, especially SMART thermostats which let you control room temperatures on your phone. Other controls include programmers (sometimes combined within your thermostat), hot water cylinder thermostats, 2-port and 3-port valves and motorised valves. During hot weather you won’t need your radiators on but will still want to use your hot water. Motorised valves move the heat between radiators and hot water so you can choose to have hot water only on warmer days.


What is condensate?

When your boiler burns gas, condensation forms inside. During cold days this can be particularly noticeable as it flows out of your boiler with all gases and looks a bit like steam in the air. Condensate also gathers within your boiler and is then drained away, usually via a white plastic condensate pipe. Condensate is completely safe, so there’s no need to worry.


What is a condensate pipe?

A condensate pipe isn’t allowed to be metal, making it easy to spot as the only plastic pipe coming out of your boiler - it is usually white plastic. Your condensate pipe is used to run waste water out of your boiler and towards a suitable drain. A condensate pipe is an important part of any modern boiler, and your boiler can’t run without it.


What does ErP mean?

ErP is short for the Energy-related Products directive, a piece of legislation from 2015 that instructs how the energy efficiency information of products are labelled. From September 2015 all new domestic and light commercial boilers, water heaters and heating products up to 70kW have to include an ErP label clearly showing the specified efficiency information. This applies to the UK and the European Union so consumers are aware of the efficiency levels of the products and appliances they use everyday. This means that manufacturers now design and build all new boilers to align with the ErP requirements and any new boiler you buy will display an ErP label.


What is a flue?

A flue is a pipe that forms part of your boiler and pops out of your house through an external wall or the roof. It connects your boiler to the outside world, getting rid of all gases and condensate from inside your boiler and safely moving them out into the fresh air.


What is a fully pumped system?

A fully pumped system is a requirement of all new high efficiency boilers. This means that if your current central heating system is gravity fed (see ‘what is a gravity fed system?’), we have to update it to a ‘Fully Pumped’ system. This is done automatically as part of your new boiler install with no preparation work for you beforehand. The big benefit is that your new boiler and central heating system will run much more efficiently, reducing your energy consumption and saving you money.


What is a fused spur?

Regulations state that a new boiler must connect to electricity via a fused spur so that the engineer is in no danger of being electrocuted. A fused spur is an electrical point that has its own removable fuse that the engineer can remove, as well as an isolation switch that the engineer is able to turn off. If your old boiler doesn’t have a fused spur, a fully qualified and approved electrician will need to fit one close to the new boiler position. We can organise this for you, or you or you can use your own contact.


What is a gravity fed system?

The force of gravity is used to circulate water around a gravity fed central heating system. You will normally find a cold water tank high up, often in the loft, and then a boiler on the bottom floor, usually the kitchen. In between these two floors is where the hot water cylinder will sit. When you turn on the hot tap, the boiler heats up the water and because cold water is denser than the freshly heated water, it falls down to the boiler. The hot water then moves up to the hot water cylinder from where it gets forced out to the hot water taps.


What is a hot water cylinder?

A hot water cylinder is a big tubular tank that you’ll usually find tucked away in airing cupboards or lofts. If you have a hot water cylinder, its job is to store your home’s hot water so that it’s ready for you when you turn on the tap. If you’re upgrading to a combi boiler that supplies you with heating and hot water on demand, you no longer need your hot water cylinder, so we remove it to give you extra space. However, system boilers and regular boilers (also called traditional or heat-only boilers) only directly provide central heating, so you need a hot water cylinder to deliver hot water too.


What is a boiler service?

An annual boiler service is a yearly examination of your boiler by a Gas Safe Registered engineer who will inspect, test and clean various parts of your boiler. For full details see our boiler service page.


I am over 60 years old - can I get any money off?

Unfortunately the £300 Warm Front grant scheme has now lost its funding.


What if my question is not answered on this page?

If you have any questions at all, please call us on 0191 289 3464 or send your question via our contact page, and we’ll be delighted to help.