What setting do I need to have my boiler on?

We’ve taken lots of ‘how-to’ calls recently, many asking the same question…

What is the best boiler setting to use?

As we move closer toward autumn and winter, we start to turn our heating back on.

This certainly seems the case throughout the North East this week! 🌧

A couple of our callers asked us what the ‘E’ mark on the boiler dial indicated.

We thought a quick video (under 2 mins) may help explain this…


Essentially the ‘E’ setting on your boiler just stands for economy.

This setting allows you to operate your boiler more efficiently.

What is the E setting on my boiler?

The E setting on your boiler means you use less gas and so saves money, energy and reduces your boiler CO2, helping you minimise your carbon footprint.

How often should I adjust my boiler settings?

Once the weather gets colder and winter kicks in, there is a good chance you’ll need to adjust your boiler settings again, this time further towards the ‘MAX’ position to keep your family warm and cosy.

But, for the time being, whilst it’s not too cold, it’s worth using the economy position.

Also, try knocking your room thermostat down by just 1 degree too – you’ll reduce your gas consumption by about 10%.

Not bad for 2 minutes of your time.

To talk to us about any boiler problems you’re having, or if you haven’t booked your annual boiler service yet…

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