Do I need a new boiler?

Have you had a run in with your old boiler recently?

Is your gas boiler not working how it’s supposed to?

Have you ended up searching Google, or asking Facebook… ‘can anyone recommend someone to fix my boiler?’.

Does this mean you need to replace your unreliable boiler? 😭

The answer is….
Not necessarily.

In truth, some boilers can last decades – PROVIDING you can still get the parts and you’re willing to pay for them.

Whether or not you should replace your old boiler depends on a few factors that are personal to you.

This means that a heating engineer won’t often insist that you must replace your boiler.

However, it is likely they will give you their expert opinion and therefore recommend a new boiler for a variety of reasons:

How much does a boiler service cost in Newcastle?

Reason 1…

Your boiler parts are obsolete

If your boiler is broken and the only way to fix it is by replacing the faulty part or parts, and the manufacturer has stopped making them (usually due to lack of demand), unfortunately, you simply have to replace your boiler.

No Gas Safe engineer – no matter how brilliantly skilled and patient they are – can perform miracles on really old boilers.

So this is the only time that an engineer can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that you need to have it replaced.

Reason 2…

Peace of mind is paramount

People with busy lives or those who just don’t want to deal with the irritation and hassle of household breakdowns might feel happier replacing their boiler with a new one for peace of mind.

When you buy a new boiler it comes with legally binding guarantee from the manufacturer called a warranty.

Put simply, your boiler is under warranty because the manufacturer is incredibly confident that it won’t break for the five, ten or twelve years that they’ve guaranteed cover for.

If something did happen to go wrong during the guarantee period – you’re covered.

A new boiler means you’ll not have to worry about boiler repairs for a long period of time.

How to buy a new boiler and not get ripped off

Reason 3…

Boiler repair cost vs boiler replacement cost

When working out the cost of a boiler repair vs the cost of having a brand new boiler installed, there are a number of things to consider.

It’s not simply a case of whether or not the repair costs less than a new boiler.

Inevitably, as boilers age, they tend to break down more – be that due to corrosion, circuit board faults or anything else that could go wrong.

If your boiler is out of its warranty period consider the fact that this is when the manufacturers expects problems to occur.

A boiler breakdown now is unlikely to be the only repair you’ll have to pay for over the following months or years.

You might hear the phrase ‘beyond economical repair’…

But really, whether or not your boiler is ‘past it’ is up to you. What YOU are willing/able to pay at that point, will likely differ from the lady in the next street with the same boiler as you.

Weigh up the likely cost of repairs based on what you’ve experienced so far, and keep in mind that as your boiler ages, the more you’ll pay out in repairs.

Reason 4…

You’re on a boiler cover plan?

Consider how much your boiler cover costs and multiply it by the warranty of the new boiler of choice.

For example, if you pay British Gas £350 per year for boiler cover (waaaay more than we charge for Gas Angel Cover by the way), then multiply that figure by the number of years of your potential new boiler warranty (e.g. 12) and you are paying £4,200.00…

A lot more than the cost of most new boilers!

In this case, it’s a false economy not to replace it. Especially when you consider the value of peace of mind too!

Reason 5…

Cash flow

Of course, you also need to consider if the saving you make in replacing your boiler is worth it in terms of having to pay out in one lump sum.

Or whether spending slightly more now to maintain your current boiler and using a boiler cover plan is worth it due to the monthly payment plan.

One thing to note is if you get sick to the back teeth of your boiler breaking and constantly having to call the repair line to get things fixed then you do have the option of spreading the cost of a new boiler with Gas Angel.

We offer a number of flexible payments options including paying for your new boiler monthly, 0% interest free.

Reason 6…

Boiler efficiency

New boilers are always more efficient than old – At Gas Angel we now only install A efficiency rated boilers

Your boiler makes up around 60% of the amount you spend on energy each and every year, that means if you have an older inefficient boiler, chances are you’re wasting fuel and money.

Put simply, if your boiler is only 50% efficient, this means that 50% of your energy (and the money you spend on it) goes out the flue.

Whereas, if your boiler is 98% efficient, you lose only 2% of your energy.

So in addition to savings made through replacing your boiler and being covered by a warranty, you should also take into account the savings you make on your energy bills yearly (not to mention, the reduction in your carbon footprint!)

In some homes, replacing an old boiler with a more energy efficient model could reduce energy bills by as much as £340 a year according to the Energy Savings Trust.

Conclusion of a boiler expert…

The decision is yours.

We will of course advise on the current condition of your boiler, provide you with replacement or repair / boiler cover plan options, and discuss the likelihood of it breaking again.

It’s not an exact science, but as we work in hundreds of North East homes each year, repairing hundreds of different boilers of different ages, we can get a pretty good feel about how your particular boiler will likely cope as time goes by.

So, do you need a new boiler?

If you’ve read the above, by this point you’ll now have a pretty good idea.

However, what we can promise is that our engineers will arm you with all the information you need to absolutely ensure YOU make the right decision for YOU.

☎️ Give us a call on 0191 289 3464 to arrange and engineer visit.

🖥 Or, get an instant new boiler quote online now.







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