11 things North East folk love about boiler cover by Gas Angel

We recently asked our wonderful customers what it was they loved most about their Gas Angel boiler cover plans.

It wasn’t just so that we could bathe in rays of glory (although it’s always a buzz getting nice customer feedback!), we also wanted to ensure that we keep doing the things that our customers value the most.

So we asked, we listened, and we picked out the most commonly repeated comments and listed them below

– Reason # 1…

Peace of mind that you wont have a huge boiler repair bill if your boiler breaks down

hefty boiler repair bill when your boiler breaks down

This was THE most popular reason because, at the end of the day, a surprise bill is the worst kind of surprise – especially when we’re all saving up for Christmas which tends to be the time of year when most  boilers decide to break down!

– Reason # 2…

Security of having the number of a local heating expert who responds quickly in an emergency

How often do you see 08 numbers, call them, click a gazillion different menu options and then spend hours waiting to be put through to a human? It’s infuriating to say the least. At Gas Angel Heating, we have one local number, no lengthy automated menus AND you’ll get straight through to a real person, most often the lovely Natasha, Amy or David, who can help you with your query right away. A true breath of fresh air!

– Reason # 3…

Neat and tidy professionals working in your home who take pride in doing a great job

There will be no big muddy footprints on your new cream carpet and no mess or dust left behind in your home. In fact, we’re so confident of our neat and tidy approach that we’d happily let Kim and Aggie assess us!

– Reason # 4…

A central heating company that responds fast with a 24 hour call out guarantee

central heating company that responds fast and with a 24 hour call out guarantee

Our guarantee is just that – a guarantee. We promise to get to our boiler cover customers within 24 hours, if we are even 1 minute late we’ll give you your next 2 months cover free of charge.

Plus, if we’re hit by bad weather or there’s another jam on the A1 and we think it may impact our agreed arrival time, we’ll be sure to keep you posted of our whereabouts and our ETA!

– Reason # 5…

Boiler cover similar to British Gas Homecare with no eye watering price tag + better response times

We like to reward our loyal customers – not take advantage of them! If you stick with us, we’ll make sure you’re never paying over the odds and there will be no unfairly high price hikes.

– Reason #6…

Good communication, people who keep you updated and reply quickly and clearly

We don’t like jargon – so we always make sure to speak to you in plain English rather than gas engineering-speak! We also like to keep you regularly updated because, at the end of the day, we’re friendly North Easteners who like to chat.

– Reason # 7…

Expert advice from a heating engineer with a can-do attitude. Vital when your boiler’s on the blink

All our engineers are Gas Safe registered and on hand to answer any questions you have. We’ll always look for the most cost-effective solution and will stay until the job is done – we never simply walk away from a difficult boiler problem scratching our heads!

– Reason # 8…

Help your planet. 2 trees planted yearly for you, removing boiler carbon from the atmosphere

Removing gas boiler carbon from the atmosphere

Gas boilers are the standard form of heating in the majority of UK homes. However, they do unfortunately produce a lot of carbon that plays a part in our planet’s susceptibility to climate change. With that in mind, we committed to plant two trees every year for each boiler plan customer to offset your CO2 and help us all play a part in reducing our carbon footprint and minimising future damage.

– Reason # 9…

No hassle finding a reliable boiler engineer in winter when everyone’s boiler is breaking down

Our loyal boiler cover customers always come first – and that’s a pretty big plus during the winter months when boilers get cranky, pipes freeze up and it’s minus figures outside.

If you’ve got a Gas Angel boiler cover plan, you’ll always get a highly trained engineer without having to panic or shop around.

– Reason # 10…

Feel calm and organised during a central heating or gas emergency. YOU’VE prepared for this in advance

Central heating or gas emergency

Let’s be honest, it’s a warm, slightly smug feeling to know that, if the big winter catastrophe strikes and you lose heat and hot water, you’re guaranteed to have someone out to get you back up and running within a few hours. You planned in advance – so why not have a cup of tea instead of a heating-induced meltdown?

– Reason # 11…

Support local. Gas Angel is a Newcastle based family-run business with 1000’s of happy North East customers

We’re based in the North East and exclusively serve the North East! We’re local people, our team is made up of industry experts and experienced boiler engineers with local knowledge. We’ve been taking care of North East customers for 14 years now, and we’re pretty proud of this fact.


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Main image credit: Visit England

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